Rosey International Foundation (RIF) is a registered non-profit  grassroots NGO setup in 2016 in Akoko region of Ondo State, Nigeria. Since its inception in 2016 as a charity, RIF focuses on the academic and career mentoring of young people and adults cutting across Primary School level to NYSC level.

In furtherance of the United Nations’ SDG Goals, especially GOAL 4 (Quality Education), GOAL 10 (Reduced Inequality), and GOAL 17 (Partnership to achieve the Goals), RIF explores and utilises alternative means for developing the capacities of disadvantaged young people and adults in the grassroots, equipping and developing them for a successful future.

With the motto that ‘Tomorrow starts now’, Rosey International Foundation seeks to create a common sense of social responsibility to focus on investing in the lives of young ones today, as they are major links with the future.

Today is an opportunity to make tomorrow! Let’s do it!!